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The major part of Chukotka land is little-developed and hard-to-reach area. And it is like a paradise for all animals – they live in their natural environment. The man doesn’t disturb it because he knows how to live together with masters of the tundra and forest. He got valuable experience to survive in the Arctic from his ancestors.

The Polar bear, caribou, polar wolf, red fox are like the heroes of the fable. But they can be so close to you. Polar bear walk on the arctic coast in winter and spring. Sometimes they can come to the community just of curiosity. The polar wolf wanders near reindeer herds for hunt. The wolverine and the arctic fox do the same. There are a lot of brown bears in tundra and forest-tundra. The Chukotka moose is a real giant and his home place is forests.

The most possible meeting will be with arctic ground squirrel - evrazhka. You can see them even in the town. He is the favorite pet of Chukotka people. Wherever you make a picnic there will be its hole. It will be your guest and will ask for something tasty. Then you can make a photo with it.

Only in Chukotka you can feel that nature is near!


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