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Real people were the big artists. It was showed in a groove on a bone especially brightly. More than 2 thousand years ago inhabitants of Chukchii coast made of walrus tasks various things. Some of them were necessary in hunters life like harpoons and knives. The amulets - sculptures of animals were made with extraordinary skill. They protected people from troubles and misfortunes, served as a pledge of successful hunting. Plots of national fairy tales, from life of settlement were transferred by masters on engraved walrus tasks.

Traditions of ancient art are kept and improved by masters of Uelenskaya bone carving workshop - carvers and engravers. In their miniatures about struggle of animals and stages of hunting, they convincingly transfer terrible force of a bear, power of a walrus and courage of the person fearlessly entering single combat with a mighty animal.

Centuries Chukchi and Eskimo women dressed all family, sewed clothes. But before to be accepted to sewing, it was necessary to skin a killed animal and to manufacture it, and it too was considered as female employment.

Since childhood skilled workers comprehend traditional craft of sewing and an ornament of fur products. They skillfully select various for the invoice and color a material - a skin, fur, beards hair of a deer. The ornament is especially carefully studied. In a pattern that little is made, that the person sees around of itself in Arctic regions. From here and names: reindeers horns, hares ears, the fish tails. There is clearness, definiteness a firm and clear rhythm in each ornament


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