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There are not so many places on the Earth where people look at the same landscape as the first Russian pioneers saw in 17 century. The voyages on the cruise ships along the Chukchii Peninsula give you an opportunity to be a member of the great navigator’s crew.

The Cossacks of Semen Dezhnev saw the very coast carved with the bays, the picturesque Provideniya, Lavrentiya and Tkachen fiords with their tiny islands and spits. Vitus Bering, Ferdinand Wrangel, James Cook and their sailors admired by the incredible beauty of these lands.

There is only one difference now. The coasts are not empty and you are waited for. The local Chukchii and Eskimo people will show you their houses, treat you with traditional cuisine and do it for a short time while the traveler is on the shore. It is possible to participate in the fest, dance under the sounds of yarar (drum), compete in traditional kinds of sport.

Sometimes the voyage is the single opportunity to get to the most fascinating places. Only from the ship you can see the famous Whale Bone Alley in the Senyavin Strait. Only from the boat you will see the walrus and bird rookeries. And only the cruise ship gives you the unique chance to go along the Bering Strait between Asia and America.

The voyages in Chukotka is the total prodigy!


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