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Chukotka itself is like a discovery for those people who come here. Contemporary communities fit into the virgin landscapes. There are some new technologies used in traditional crafts. And the unique sites of arctic nature and culture still have no tourist paths.

There is the world northernmost collection of rock carvings in arctic Chukotka. Petroglyphs are located on the Pegtymel River. And they are called Pegtymel Petroglyphs. The reindeer, sea mammal and bear hunting scenes are on the paintings. There are different animals and birds, inconceivable people-amanita. Nobody knows if they are spirits or shamans. The petroglyphs length is about several kilometers along the Pegtymel River.

There is the deepest Elgygytgyn lake in Chukotka. Its location is in the riverhead of the Anadyr River. This is also a kind of geological monument because the lake has regular round shape. Its surface is like a mirror which fills the ancient volcano crater or (who knows) meteorite crater. There are only three lakes with common features in the world.

To the south from Cape Dezhnev the ancient Eskimo settlement was found in the middle of the twentieth century. It was called the Arctic Troy. The archeologists thought it to be a discovery of the unique arctic civilization. Its people accommodated to the severe arctic conditions perfectly. Their high organized culture was the evidence of life not survival.

Come to Chukotka to make the most important discovery: its not the edge of the land, there is only beginning.


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