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Sometimes having back from any journey you feel the emptiness. And the recognition you havent seen the most interesting and havent felt the most important thing is in your mind. Why? Not long after you realize that you havent met with local people, havent talk to them about their life, nature, current things. You didnt share your thoughts and impressions with them.

People of Cukotka is very unique. They are hospitable, open to something new, appreciate your attention and favour with warmth. The unwritten law of Arctic is the law to help to other people. Its impossible to survive here alone. People of Chukotka will always help everybody who comes to our severe region.

No matter where you are in a new cottage of a modern community or somewhere in yaranga in the tundra. Chukchii and Eskimo will find the best place for you, give you tasty meal and tell a lot of stories about hunting, fishing, people and animals. And then youll believe that there is nothing to afraid during whale hunting in the sea. And the reindeer herd crossing the river looks very impressive. Then you can participate with housekeeping because you are not the guest any more you are the part of their life.

We invite you to merge into the ethnic world of Chukotka to be among the real people.


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