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Any trip to Chukotka can be called the expedition. There is the changeable weather, long distances - not in kilometers but in days. There is its own time here: the day lasts for half a year, and half of the year is the night. And there are no mornings and evenings at all. Such hardships attract the real traveler who wishes to try his strength, dreams to have a route which has never been passed. And it is necessary to excel predecessor in something.

For the sake of your goal people go into the arctic desert on skies with a heavy sledges behind their backs. They are able to ride a snow machine on the hard snow crust towards icy wind. They can drive a city car in the tundra changing the wheels into special tracks. The real traveler crossed the Bering Strait set on the off-road vehicle special pantones. And the bravest ones sailed the North Sea route on the Polynesian raft. One should rely on his strength, safe calculations and firm construction. And he must believe in his dream and success.

Only then you can say: Chukotka is nearer as you think! Or Russia is a huge country and strong-will people live there who is able to realize brave and complex project

Dont ask the bold spirits why they do it. Its better to think what you have courage for.


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