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What kind of fests are the most remarkable?
Beringia is at the end of July. It is a traditional race on Chukchii-Eskimo skin-boats.
Ryielet is in March. It is the reindeer race on the traditional sledge.
Nadezhda is in April. The famous dogsledge race.
Korfest is at the end of April. This traditional smelt festival is one of the loveliest one for people of Chukotka. Many people come to Anadyr to compete in ice fishing.
Ergav is in September. It is a folk festival. Lots of different competes are took place. The singing, dancing, craft and sport are between them.


What is the time zone in Chukotka?
You should add 8 hours to Moscow time. If its noon in Moscow then it is 8 p.m in Anadyr.

What climate is there in Chukotka?
The average annual temperature is about -4,1Ѡ till -14Ѡ. The average temperatures of July vary from +4till+14. In January from -18till -42.
But even in summer one needs a jacket with a hood, knitted hat, boots and sometimes gloves in Chukotka. There is a local saying If you are going to tundra, dont forget to take down-padded coat. The weather is very c changeable in Chukotka.


What is the best time for the journey to Chukotka?
If you like winter and dont be afraid to ride a snow machine your time is March and April.
For those who like summer, voyages and bird-watching, the best time is July-September.


What time is enough to get excitement impressions?
About 10-15 days are quite enough

What kinds of tourism are there in Chukotka?
There are extreme, cruise, business and educational kind of tourism.

Which communities are easier and cheaper to get to?
Egvikinot - one way ticket is about 7360 rubles;
Lavrentiya - one way ticket is about 10340 rubles;
Provideniya - one way ticket is about 10415 rubles.
There are neither planes nor roads to Kanchalan, Uelkal, Amguema. You have to negotiate a price with local people.


What mobile operators are there in Chukotka and where do they work?
MTS Anadyr, Ugolnye Kopy
Beeline Anadyr, Ugolnye Kopy
Megafon all district centers, Keperveem, Ozerny, Maiskoye


Where is it better to go to merge into traditional life of local people?
Anadyr district (Kanchalan community),
Iultin district (Uelkal, Konergino, Amguema communities),
Provideniya district (Yanrakynnot, New Chaplino communities),
Chukotsky district (Lavrenyiya, Lorino, Uelen)


What documents are necessary to get the entry permission to Chukotka and how much time does this agreement take?
All information about permission execution and agreement period are here

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