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"Ergav" - folklore festival of aboriginals of Chukotka. In September in Anadyr national ensembles from all district gather. It is a holiday for those who loves competitions in all: in songs and dances, in skill and dexterity - in any skill. The name sometimes and translate - "spirit of competition".

Races on dog sled "Hope" pass in April on Chukotski peninsula, there was kept dog breeding. Under mushers shouts "Pot-pot!" dog sleds are running over rigid polar snow. Ahead finish, joyful shouts meeting, rest and the award from the owner for good work.

"Rylet" - races on reindeer sleds. They pass in the spring in villages of the central Chukotka. Before start participants cajole spirits: kindle a fire, throw there slices deer meat and amulets. On start of races men and women leave also. Everyone want to show the skill.

Races on Chukchi-Eskimo traditional boats (baydara) "Beringia" pass in July in Chukchi area. Sea hunters leave on the baydara and whaleboats in the sea not behind extraction, and behind a victory. On a coast of the mistress treat with tasty dishes from a fish, walrus and a whale. Everyone wait for finish and rewarding of the best.

"Korfest" or Smelt festival passes at the end of April in capital of Chukotka under the motto "Will be ok!". On ice of Anadyrskiy estuary fishermen compete in skill and good luck. Catch a smelt, fish with a smell of a fresh cucumber. It is a smell of spring coming.


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