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It should be said that Chukotka is the little studied region. According to the quantity and variety of mineral resources Chukotka is a storehouse of Russia. But we know only ten percent of its treasure. Chukotka is the largest offshore area. But prospective oil and gas basins are hard to reach and not well studied. So Russian geologists have a lot of job for the nearest hundred years.

Chukotka fauna has a lot of themes for researchers. How does the climate change influence the land and sea mammals behavior? Where is the biggest walrus rookery? How many couches of Polar bears are there along the arctic coast? To answer all of them you should spend years here.

The archeological sites are not fully explored. And there are the ones which are not found yet. Thats why any building in Chukotka goes together with special research works. To make the road one must be sure that it wont lie on the ancient dwellings or sepulture. Many archeological objects still keep information about the way ancient people lived in the Arctic.

Some geographical names are also a kind of research. Maybe your one. Look at the map of Chukotka. You will find your science topic without a fail. And we are sure youll not be able to stay apart from real life.


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