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Marine animals

The cold waters of Chukotka seas are lifeless and waste for the first sight. And one can think so if he isnt dedicated to. But life there is like a boiling pot. And the sea inhabitants are the great Arctic heritage.

The gray whales are the most amazing creatures. Its a great success for the traveler to see the whale fountain on the horizon. And also its a great joy when a whale comes near to the shore. Or it looks like he gives you an opportunity to watch at his big body. And the most incredible thing is to hear whale singing. The sounds they make can be compared with the voice of the Universe.

Therefore the white whale can produce normal sounds like whistle, scream and even the roar. Thats why it is called sea canary. In the summer time the white whale swims near coast where the fish is. There are the herds of whales in Anadyr estuary.

Some people of Chukotka have a wonderful opportunity to watch the walruses from their houses if they live not far from the coast. Animals created rookeries so close to mans dwelling that people value such kind of trust and try to protect them.

Different kind of seals lie on the ice of the bays in spring. Come to see it yourself!


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