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Young musher from Lorino community conquering Europe
10 october 2012 г.

Maksim Tyneneut is the winner again. This time it was the "Baltic Cup" of the International dryland sleddog race taking place in Lithuania in October 6-7th. In Kernave city Maksim won in the dicsiplin "scooter with one dog" and "scooter with two dogs." There were about 116 sportsmen from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Russia. First, Maksim impressed everybody with the distance[cut] he had to take in order to participate in the "Baltic Cup." Secondly, some people saw the Northerner for the first time and his job - "whale hunter" - impressed them greatly. Maksim developed the highest speed along with his dog-mates from the "Inglayu" cannel.

Maksim is from the Lorino community, which is on the coast of the Bering Sea where he worked as a marine hunter. Almost every hunter has sled dogs which serve to carry catch form the ice edge, transortation to fishing and hunting in tundra. Lorino is the place where the majority of Sled Dog Race "Nadezha" winners are from.

Maksim Tyneneut, the winner of the "Baltic Cup-2012"
Maksim Tyneneut, the winner of the "Baltic Cup-2012"

Baltic medals
Baltic medals

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