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Chukotka hosts International Beringian Arctic Games
04 july 2014 .

Several arctic tournaments exist to demonstrate the competitiveness of the northern indigenous peoples. UAS has its National Youth Olympics, Canada does Arctic Winter Games, while Russia holds its own Championship on Arctic sports in the northern counties. This summer Tkachen Bay of Chukotka welcomes the athletes from almost [cut]all arctic counties. The most spectacular competition of the skin boats will take place during the Games. This skin boats are mostly known as Chukchi-Eskimo baidara.

Youth on the Beringa skin boat festival
Youth on the Beringa skin boat festival

The name for Beringian Games origins from the place of its holding the Bering Strait region. This place of the Earth linked Eurasia and North America 10000 years ago. The similar sports preserved on the both sides of the strait, which demonstrate incredible physical abilities of the indigenous peoples.

Arctic games we, here in Russia, also call national kinds of sports and exactly this title is at the school timetables in Chukotka. Every ethnicity of the Arctic developed its own sports depending on the conditions they lived. Thus, reindeer (domestic deer) herders, Chukchi people, practiced running with a stick, lasso throwing, races on reindeers and dogs. Coastal peoples, Maritime Chukchi and Yupik

Eskimo, had seal jumping, walrus blanket tossing, stick pulling etc. Constructing and using the skin boat the frame was done from adrift wood, while cover from the female walrus hide was essential for the Maritime Chukchi and Yupik Eskimo. They used this boat to harvest the Bowhead whale its meat was enough to winter. People had to be strong to paddle and then to bring the harvest back to the community.

Boys paddling on skin boat race in 2010
Boys paddling on skin boat race in 2010

First International Arctic Beringian games will be in the village of Novoe Chaplino - one of the most gorgeous sites in the eastern Chukotka. Athletes from various arctic places such as Norway, Iceland, Faroe Island, Greenland, Canada and USA come to compete. The input of various agencies is incredible. The Government of Chukotka manages the event; the New Zeeland tour company "Heritage Expedition" not only created the tour Beringian Arctic Games, but provides their boat for the guest accommodation; American educational program Go north! is one of the coordinators of the international sportsmen.

Chukotka is getting ready to host grand even of sport and culture of the people of the Arctic!

Running with a stick.
Running with a stick.

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