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Chukotka autonomous region is on the north-east of Russia Federation. It is washed by the Eastern Siberian Sea, Chukchii Sea and Bering Sea. Chukotka stretches from the west to the east for 1400 km, and from the north to the south for 900 km. Its easternmost point is the easternmost point of Russia simultaneously. Cape Dezhnev is the real magnet for travelers. People of Chukotka are the first who starts the new day due to the fact that International Data line is between the isles in the Bering strait. And if it is the 1st t of January in Chukotka is till the 31st of December. We are from future!

Time difference

You have to put the clock forward 9 hours. While we finish our working day the Moscow just starts it. Square 737,7 thousand square kilometers. About a half of the territory is over the Northern Arctic Circle. According to the size Chukotka can be compared with France and England unitedly.


Sakha republic (Yakutia), Koryak autonomous region, Magadan region and Kamchatka. The sea-border with the United States is here, too. Only about 80 km separates Chukotka from Alaska.


In winter time it is about 44 60 in the western parts of Chukotka. Strong winds are in the eastern parts. The snowstorm lasts for week sometimes.

Summer time is very short. The snow doesnt melt somewhere. But sometimes it is very warm and you can wear sweater and jeans. But one shouldnt forget to take warm clothes. Chukotka is unpredictable.


When one flies by the plane to Chukotka he can see the mountains tops, winding rivers and desert plains. But the landscape is not the same everywhere. There are uplands with ridges, glaciers in the western part of the region. And there so-called sopki rounded mountain tops in the east which create the unique landscape of Chukotka Peninsula coupled with water area. You are able to appreciate it from the sea. Tundra on the east replaces the northern arctic desert. It is stony and swampy, with willows and low aspens. In the central lowlands there are coniferous and mixed forests. Chukotka is famous for its transparent and clean water in lakes, rivers. One can drink it everywhere.

The deepest lake

Elgygytgyn lake about 169 m

The longest river

Anadyr 1117 km

The largest lake

Krasnoe 600 square km


49514 people


Anadyr city 11200 people

Administrative division

There are six districts with their centres:

  • Anadyrsky (Ugolnye Copy)
  • Iultinsky (Egvekinot),
  • Bilibinsky (Bilibino),
  • Chaunsky (Pevek),
  • Chukotsky (Lavrentiya),
  • Providensky (Provideniya).


Pevek, Anadyr, Provideniya, Egvekinot, Beringovsky.

The passenger transportation connects Anadyr, Provideniya, Egvekinot and Beringovsky. But there is a voyage to Lavrentiya Gulf with no port.


International airports are in Anadyr and Provideniya. The main destinations are in Nome and Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Federal airports are Anadyr and Pevek. The main direction is Moscow, Magadan and Khabarovsk.

The flights from the capital to district airports are made by ChukotAVIA company.

How to get

Transaero airlines flies to Anadyr from Moscow (Domodedovo airport). YakutiyaAirlines flies to Anadyr from Magadan.
VladivostokAvia flies to Anadyr from Khabarovsk.
Kavminvodyavia flies to Pevek from Moscow (Vnukovo airport).


  • Handicrafts made of walrus tasks, reindeer antlers, whale bone and baleen.
  • Bags, purses, mittens, slippers made of reindeer and seal fur.

Eskimo balls.

Rozetochki (neck decorations) made of reindeer and seal skin and fur.

Attention! Border zone

To visit Chukotka autonomous region one must get the special permission (propusk) to enter the border zone (see useful links). Its important to remember the terms the entry permission for Russian and foreign citizens are done during 30 days since the moment all necessary documents are submitted.

Reference data about Anadyr

  • airport (directory inquiries) 8-10-7 (42732) 2-77-77
  • seaport (directory inquiries) 8-10-7 (42722) 2-04-60
  • Air tickets booking department 8-10-7 (42722) 2-74-46
  • taxi 550, 525, 333
  • Hotels booking service 8-10-8 (42722) 2-26-61
  • information desk 09
  • Urgent
    • united 01
    • police 02
    • emergency 03
    • (42722) 2-43-74



Chukotka hotel, 2b Rultytegina St., (42722) 2-26-61
Anadyr hotel, 14 Otke St., (42722) 2-81-30
Hotel yard, 24 Otke St., (42722) 2-82-81

Ugolnye Copy (airport)

Airport hotel, 6 Portovaya St., (42732) 2-75-79


Pevek hotel, 24 Obruchev St., (42737) 4-26-45


Severyanka hotel, 2 Oktyabrskaya St., (42738) 2-40-41


Guest yard apartment, 37 Dezhnev St, (42735) 2-20-38
Nataly apartment, 1a Chukotskaya St., cell 8-10-7-9246673824


Hotel complex, Lenina St., (42734) 2-23-80

Restaurants, Cafes, entertainment centers


Restaurant in Chukotka hotel, 2b Rultytegina St., (42722) 2 -26-61
Entertainment center Baklan, 1 Dezhnev St., (42722) 2 -24-54
Café Russian pelmeny, 56 Otke St, (42722) 2 -49-82,2-68-47
Café Ener, 29 Otke St., (42722) 2 -67-17
Bar Coffee-Studio, 19 Otke St., (42722) 2 -81-16
Bar Antares, 22 a Otke St., (42722) 2 -29-31

Ugolnye Copy (airport)

Co Ltd SeverStroy, 24 Sovetskaya St., (42732) 5-57-50
Café Zarifa, 10 Portovaya St.


Café Romashka, 31 Chemodanova St., (42737) 4-28-08


Restaurant Yarar, 7 Lenina St., (42738) 2-67-92
Restaurant Zarina, 5 Arctica neighborhood, 3 (42738)2-46-64


Café 13,1 the 1st Rabochii pereulok (42734) 2-26-78


Rassia Federation savings bank, 42 Otke St., (42722) 2-45-58
MDM Bank, 22 Otke St., (42722) 2-01-47


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