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Even if you dont have hi-end camera and are not a professional photographer you can make great pictures here in Chukotka. And the most established masters will envy you.

The first moment is that exactly you have reached this land its a big success. Thats why every picture is like a trophy, significant evidence that you are at the edge of the Earth and are able to look via horizon. And it was your head and beautiful Aurora Borealis above it. It was your boat which met the grey whale. And it was your camera which fixed Polar bear traces.

Wherever you are in the picturesque Provideniya Bay, or in the valley of the Amguama River. Maybe youll get to the new village of Kanchalan where reindeer breeders live. Or you will reach the ghost town Iultin. So, it wont be possible to leave your camera. Everything is new, unusual and unique. Chukotka is inimitable in its beauty.

Be sure, Chukotka will gift you your own magic image. And you would like to come here one more time. The feeling of infinite space and the wish to look closer to Chukotka landscape will really captivate you. There is a simple answer for the difficult question.

What will you bring from Chukotka?


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Pionerskaya Mount, Gulf of Cross
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