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Saint Dionisy Mountain tour

Tour organizer: Co Ltd Chukotka-Discovery

We start early in the morning on the earth road to the south from Anadyr till the pass of Ostanstovaya Mount. (15 km). On the way one can turn to Cape Dionisy and admire Anadyr estuary and the sight of Golden ridge. Bird watching is also possible. Then we turn right to St Dionisy Mount where plenty of lakes with hundreds of birds are. So, well hear their voices during our way. It is so beautiful on the foot of the mountain. The First River starts here as a brook of 2 meters wide. There are a lot of Polar willows, alders, birches and carpets of water berry. The tour guide will tell about each of them.

Having snack we choose the way to the top. All depends on group wish. It can be either short or long. We can climb right from the camp to the ridge of go along the southern slopes of the mountain and create our route. Depending on our choice our climbing maybe 2-4 hours when we can observe and make photo of picturesque views. As we go higher the great panoramic of tundra and Anadyr estuary opens to us. There are many flowers on the slopes, foxes and hares. So, here we are on the top of Dionesey Mnt and our award is fantastic view! We are able to see Anadyr estuary, Golden Ridge, Kanchalan estuaries, Onemen Gulf with Rarytkinsky Ridge behind it! There is a traditional note about our climbing. Also we can read the notes of the people who were here before.

Our descent is half time of climbing. To make it different well choose another way to see the remains of the broken helicopter. The crash was in 1989. And also there is a monument to all people who died in plane crashes. It was established here by the doctors of our hospital recently.

We have a snack in the camp after 572 meters climb and go back on quad bikes to Anadyr. We are tired but our impressions are great. What about to make another route to Komsomol Mount?

Type: quad bikes or tracking.
Season: May October
Group: 1- 12
Duration: 1 day


Anadyr Saint Dionisy Mount - Anadyr

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