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Way of life

Reindeer breeding and extraction of a sea animal were and remain till now a basis of a way of life, economic communications and cultural traditions of indigenous population of Chukotka.

Sea hunting craft - specialization of eskimos and coastal chukchi. Modern hunters extract whales, walrus and seals the same as their ancestors it is a lot of centuries back. They as build boats, fit them walrus skin - the boat turns out transparent on a gleam and easy. In the sea the first start a harpoon with a separated rotary tip. To hook on extraction, to not give it to leave. On sea hunting this ideal instrument. It was invented by ancient eskimos. It always provides successful hunting. For Arctic regions it similarly to the invention of a wheel in Europe.

Reindeer breeding made the basic employment of reindeer chukchi, evens, yukagirs. To descendants - reindeer breeders in the inheritance have got easy and frame dwelling - yaranga. Their design has not changed almost because life of the reindeer breeder constantly moving behind herd - both in the winter and has not changed also in the summer. Gathering, moving, parking - unceasing work without which to not live. Reindeer herd and the person going behind it… Northern perpetum mobile.


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