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Life in close contact to a nature has defined the attitude of peoples of Chukotka to world around. It seems alive. Natural phenomena, plants, animal could be kind to the person or, on the contrary, to do much harm to him.

People trusted in kind and malicious spirits and tried to get on with them. The custom of them till now was kept "to feed". Slices of the most tasty meal before the beginning of a meal - and houses, and in tundra - always give spirits. Before a long journey, hunting of them try to cajole, that hunting and easy road home was successful.

After hunting for a whale from it is necessary cut out slices of meat and throw them in the sea, as though returning life to a killed animal that the whale has again come to people. The whale gives the person a lot of meal, and the person should thank the one for it.

Till now it is considered, that the patient can be helped if to change a name. Illness will come and does not find out him under other name.

To protect and can keep kind spirits of ancestors. They come in this world with newborn, therefore children love and almost do not punish.

Old men esteem, including their keepers of knowledge and wisdom of present people.


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