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Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island is one of the most incredible places on the Earth. It was unreachable for people during a few centuries. Severe Arctic land hid it from the curious explorers.

The island became the object of study in 30th of the 20th century. It was the time when people began cultivate its land. But soon everything finished. In 1976 the territory of Wrangel Island and Gerald Island became the first Russian arctic nature reserve. And it was 2004 when Wrangel Island was included into the List of the World Nature Heritage of UNESCO.

Its a real museum of arctic flora and fauna. The richest collection of the cold-resistant plants in the world is here. The biggest bird rookeries in the eastern Arctic and the single White Goose breeding-colony of Asia is also here. The walruses relax and feed in the seas which washed the island. The Polar female bear come to the island from Chukotka and Alaska to born their babies. So Wrangel Island is also known as a maternity home of polar bears.

The island had never been flooded and never covered by the glaciers. Its landscape still keep the image of ancient Beringia land. If a traveler come here he goes through the centuries.

This unique world of real nature is open for you, traveler!


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